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Ooot and Aboot Stoot, Oatmeal stout

Posted on January 28, 2017

I started brewing this summer and I am hooked, I gotta say its super fun and very rewarding. Let the rant start now! I started with a kit just like anyone should, but now I am a big boy I buy grains in bulk mill them up and do it all from scratch. I bought a grain mill on amazon that was for use by a crank. Well I am not sure if you have ever used one of these contraptions but I took that handle off faster than Donald Trump can say "Bigly". Ok no more political jokes. Anyways there aint no way on this earth I am going to hand crank this thing. This recipie has about 23lbs of grain and yea, not doin it.

I originally made this totally engineered thing, I had the piece of plywood, I had a nice AC motor with a gearbox and a speed controller, then my dad stole the motor back from me even though he said I could use it. So I had to redo my little coupler I made so that the drill could be used.

SO the general idea is you take grain's of different flavors and you make beer. Well this is basically easy but you need to understand a couple of simple things.

You need a bunch of hot water about 167 degrees to be precise, and about 16 gallons.

If you steep the grains at a certain temperature you convert starches which are complex sugars into simple sugars that the yeast can eat and make alcohol with.

After you steep the grains you let the "wort" or sugar water out and put it into your pot. In order to figure out how much alcohol potential your beer has you have to use a hydrometer, which meaures specific gravity. As you can see the potential is around 6.5%.

After you have put all the wort back into the pot bring it to a boil.

Here is where it gets interesting. Hops is what adds that extra flavor to beer. Personally I do not like a major taste of hops, it leaves a bitter after taste that just doesnt do it for me. I managed to get fresh hops from ebay, they were from a small farm in california. After the wort is boiling you have to put hops in at certain times of certain amounts.

After you boil the wort for an hour its time to cool the wort so that you can pitch the yeast.

Once its all cooled you can pour it into the carboy's (glass bottles) After that you can pitch the yeast and put the airlocks on and put them in a nice dark place and just wait two weeks and you can bottle or keg.