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Posted on November 7, 2016

These shelves are made out of maple cut down from the yard. We cut down the trees and then take them to the sawmill down the street at the old John Quincy Adams farm.

After You cut the wood on the sawmill and it dries you can take it into the wood shop. Some of the boards were cupped, so they had to be cut in half to make it half the curvature. Then you put each piece into the jointer to make one side flat and one side perpendicular. After it goes through the jointer you can glue the boards back together, then glue more boards together to make the full piece you need, in this case 18'' deep and a couple different lengths. Then after they are all glued together you can trim up everything and put it in the drum sander.

After you put it through the sander you have to figure out how to put everything together. We like to use the Craig’s system, which you basically drill these holes at an angle with a jig and then you can screw into other boards at 90 degree angles. You can see the angled holes in the picture. I also wanted to make it rigid since it was going to have radio equipment on it. So we used biscuits on all the joints. So we made a little jig alternating screws and biscuits. After gluing it all up give it a quick sand and tack rag it and give it a first coat. Then rinse and repeat. Sand again lightly then give another coat of finish.