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R.A.T 9 Battery Replacement Tutorial

Posted on December 9, 2016

The point of this post is to instruct Rat9 people on how to change out the batteries for their mice. Lets begin, I bought my mouse about three years ago and just about once a day I have to change the battery. More recently I have had to change it about twice sometimes three times a day. I was just getting sick of it. So I looked for "new" batteries and it turns out there are none. So I Cracked open one and looked at the cell that was in there and determined there is no cell on the market I could easily buy that would replace the one inside. So I found out a AAA size Lipo would fit inside or whats called a 10440 cell. Also This is just a typed up version of my youtube tutorial so feel free to head there. YOUTUBE LINK CLICK HERE!

The first step is to take an exacto knife and cut the seam along the battery. Please do this slowly and carefully as you can slip and cut yourself easily. Also just take your time, there is no rush.

After this you want to cut the battery wires near the cells.

Strip the wires as seen in the picture. Nice and short. You are also going to want to twist together the red wires. The old battery contained two cells that were in parallel and now we only have one cell so we only need one positive wire.

This is the cell we are going to be using. It is a 10440 AAA size lipo cell. Here is the link for the cell on ebay. EBAY LINK

I actually tested the capacity of these cells and they are very close to the rating. I was actually suprised....

Now you want to put a blob of solder onto the positive terminal of the cell. BE CAREFUL, do not heat the cell up. Try to be as quick as possible. Make sure to use solder with flux in it as well.

Now you want to do the same to the negative on the battery, but this will be harder because there is no tack welded tab on there. BE SUPER CAREFUL, this side of the battery is more sensative to heat because of the lack of a spacer. The positive side is actually a tack welded on little nub while on the negative side there is nothing. If you arent sure watch my video.

Now that you are all setup find a little piece of wire and cut it to the length of the battery box. Next you want to tin the wire on both sides.

Make sure you headshrink or tape up the connection so it doesnt short the cell out.

Now that you are all setup, just tack the battery to the wires and you are all set to go.

After that just tuck in the wires all nice and get ready with the super glue.

I know I know, shame on me. I forgot to take pictures of this last step of gluing back together the case, but its in the video so im just going to say im good. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and spread the word. MAKE THE RAT 9 GREAT AGAIN!!!