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New Outboard Story

Posted on Novemeber 6, 2016

I bought this boat pictured above a couple months ago, it was in super rough shape and I spent some time sanding and painting the hull and making it useable again. I got the boat and the engine in the picture for $150.00. The guy who had the boat used it as a tender to his sailboat out on a mooring. One day he was going along at full speed and he hit a wave and WHOOSH, the motor popped off the transom, it went completely in the drinker. The amazing thing is that there is a safety cable that cuts the engine if you fall off the boat. My theory is that that clip got pulled right before the engine hit the water at 5500rpm. He was so mad at the boat he convinced his wide to sell this "junk". I got back to my house and I just gave the motor a little pull and I heard a whooshing noise! This was a really good sign; this means the engine has compression. After many hours of cleaning everything because it had been underwater I got it running perfect.

I have been hunting on craigslist for a slightly bigger motor for my little boat. Since I can fix most things I don’t mind getting a motor that doesn’t run. After many months of searching I found this 2003 30hp Nissan (Tohatsu) 4-stroke motor for $450. Someone was selling it for their neighbor who had gotten sick and just couldn’t use it anymore. It sounded like it was stored properly but he said it didn’t run.

Well the first thing you always do is try to see what happens if you try to start it. So after much effort it would turn over but not run. So begins the teardown. I went to the carbs (as seen in the pictures) and I took out those brass screws that are the drains. Two of the three carburetors were full of oil. My guess is that someone stored the motor on the wrong side, basically upside-down. So Dom and I took all three carburetors off and cleaned each one carefully and put them back together. Everything seemed like it was good to go. So we Hook everything up and it just doesn’t want to start.

Bring out the big guns. We wanted to spin the motor without the starter because the starter doesn’t keep it running. So we break out the Super Hawg, and I asked my dad what do you even do with this thing, it’s so beefy. He couldn’t remember buying this thing, not sure how. We used a 1/4in to 1/2in drive socket to a 22mm socket. I look at my dad and there is a little wheel there to select the speed, should I set it to high speed? "Yea you want it to spin fast". I switch it to high speed and pull the trigger and WHIRRRRRRRRRRR, this thing spins up and we both look up at each other and we said at the same time, let’s do low speed.... So Dom and I get ready for me to pull the trigger and BAM! The bit just instantly and cleanly snaps off, we all broke out in laughter. Well that didn’t work, so now what? Turns out it was the spark plugs were bad and after we changed it, it purred like a kitten!