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The Lemon Project

Posted on January 16th, 2017

I have been asking myself for some time now, what do normal people do? Well seeing as my friend Chris is a "normal" person he bought a project. This fine looking 1987 Volkswagen Golf GL, I call it the "Grand Lemon" edition. I promised him I would help him work on a project car of my approval. His father gave him the idea of a Mark two golf, and it stuck with Chris. I am a huge fan of hatchbacks myself, they are both utility and sporty. This is the icon of a hatchback. Decent size trunk, two doors, and a trunk, and front wheel drive.

I really enjoy working on projects and cars, boats, tractors, engines, all that. I tend to pick projects where there is something wrong with let’s say an engine, something isnt right. I do not like to find projects where there is something wrong with it that I am not good at fixing, like upholstery and metalwork or fiberglass work. It’s a style, I pick my battles. Chris chose a good car good year, no rust on anything since it was shipped up from Florida. BUT he picked a car with a poor interior, the car only has a little less than one-hundred thousand miles but it’s just filthy on the inside.

Dom and Chris scrubbed the dash with the strongest soap I feel safe using on things. If you breathe the stuff you cough, it’s not pleasant stuff. The Dash was just covered in this goop. It looked much better after it was cleaned; the other problem is since it is a Florida car it’s just baked on the inside.

I think this is a cool car; it has come a long way from when we got it. We usually work on it once a week and every week we find new stuff and order parts. This car is by far the cheapest car I have ever seen to maintain. Parts are free. So far, the shipping costs have been more than the parts themselves. This car was the first fuel-injected car that was mass-produced. The Greeks and a lot of countries adopted this car as the national taxis because they were are about 30% better on gas. So not only is the car old but they made a metric shit ton of these, so the parts are basically free. Shift linkage? six bucks. Tie rod? $2.34. Cost of a cool car project with friends, Priceless.

Chris's car also had this neat feature, Sauna mode! haha just kidding his heater core was leaking like crazy and when the car heated up it would steam up the inside, I just thought it was super funny. Oh boy I didn’t realize I sound like a dummy in the video, just disregard that.... There will be updates to come as progress is made.