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On a Mission From God "Day 1" Travel Day and Shopping

Posted on June 7th, 2017

One of my favorite movies is the Blues Brothers. One of their famous lines is “We are on a mission from god”, they have to get the band back together and play the best show without getting arrested, so they can pay off the orphanage’s bills. My Father, Dennis, John, and myself are on a similar mission.

October 30th, 2013 My Dad, John and I and Dave were down in Princeton University rigging out this beast. It is a thirty-six inch telescope made by Boller and Chivens. Since this date, it has been our goal to relocate it to New Mexico and put it back into service. My Father and Dennis have been out to New Mexico several times in the past couple months getting things ready for this week. Please pardon my awful photoshop skills but it was the best I could do. You get the idea.

Today was Travel day, and supplies and lots of stretching from sitting around all day. Our journey started this morning at 6:30 when my dad woke me up because I forgot to set my alarm, and oh yea plug in my phone (what a dope). We went to Dennis’s house and picked him up then headed to the Framingham Shuttle bus to the airport. So far so good, we check my Dads bag and go through security. I must be tired because I got the deluxe treatment thank you TSA you really got me. I forgot to take my wallet out of my pocket and I got a nice pat down. Then I look around and I can’t find my bag, the Bose speaker I was carrying had to be swabbed thoroughly and put back through the scanner. Oh but the Cuban cigars and the toiletries bag with unknown amount of liquid is ok, but a speaker isn’t. Anyways all the flights were good only one crying baby per plane so, you know the usual.

We have an important mission this next week, basically to put the telescope together and build tables and infrastructure in the observatory. We are here a day early before the crane and the telescope arrives so we can prepare. This means some serious shopping is in order. First Home Depot, for plywood and 2x4’s and drills and screws and the list goes on. Oh and if you are wondering what Dennis and my father are doing they are picking through the pile to get the more spraight 2x4's rather than the ones that should be thrown right in the dumpster.

As we were in the Home Depot I thought I heard rain so I went outside and yea it was raining cats and dogs.... btw its a video click it.....

This is our haul from Home Depot Lots of supplies!

First to go in were the 2x4's.... Then the PLYTANIUM PLYWOOD, did I just say PLYTANIUM, fuck yea I did, its like plywood but better cause reasons..... You just cant make this stuff up.

As you can see in the background the skies are angry, pretty balmy if you ask me, well not balmy cause its like ninty degrees but none the less balmy.

Wow did'nt that look easy? It just magically got in the truck all by itself...

Next the 12' step ladder we need for reaching up on the telescope, varnish and cleaning supplies and Etc...

Wow look at that amazing tarp job, I would do a thumbs up emojii but I have no idea how to do that.... And dont worry we put stuff on top of the tarp so it wouldnt have a mind of its own, as well as a strap holding all the stuff onto the truck.

What night wuldnt be complete withough a Walmart run? Hey we gotta eat too, we found lots of goodies and fruit and frozen pizzas, and lemonade... lots of lemonade and Diet Pepsi for Dennis.

None of this would be possible without this great man. For people who know who he is I don't need to tell you what an amazing man he is. For those of you who don't know who this man is, he is a friend, he is an inspiration, he is Dave. I know hes here waiting with us, telling us to hurry up and get cracking, and so we shall.... To be Continued....