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Chili Party 2017

Posted on January 20th, 2017

Ah, this time comes but once a year, the air is cold, the ground is covered with snow, and spicy chili is a cookin. Every year we have a chili party, usually the second week in January. It is hard to find a time when everyone is around and able to come. Its just after the holidays and everyone is home from travelling. As you can see above this is our haul of groceries for the party. We have a 50L pot, for you imperial people that’s 13.2 gallons. it’s about 120 pound of raw ingredients and about 100 lbs cooked. Also that picture is upsidedown for a reason, no reason at all except it decided to be upside down.

If there is one time a year I cry it’s the chili party. My dad and I love to cook and this such a fun project every year. Cooking for the masses is fun because you get so use just insane amounts of stuff. I won’t divulge our 11 herbs and spices but, if 25lbs of onions don’t make you cry I don't know what will.

All the onions and meat get chopped up and cooked a nice golden brown and added to the pot.

Lots and lots of chopping and grinding and stirring.

On the day of the Chili party my dads friend Mike a person who is not phased by spicy tunes up the chili with fresh habeaneros. We split the chili into three different pots Mild, Spicy, Mo Hotta Mo Betta.