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Whaler Update, Controls?

Posted on January 2nd, 2017

Another post, another thing to feel shameful for..... This was not one of my proudest moments on this project. See when you go to the dealer and you bring your boat and you buy a nice new fancy engine for in my case on the order of $7000.00. They hook everything up for you. In my case controls. The one way I can explain it is imagine you are at the car dealership and you buy a nice new car and it’s an automatic. Years later you decide to switch it to a manual. There are just parts missing like a clutch pedal and sensors and the shift lever, and the center console is slightly different and things like that. Well as you can imagine when your car is thirteen years old it may be hard to find all the parts you need to convert your spiffy car into a manual transmission configuration.

Well In order do have controls you need a shift cable and a throttle cable. BAH easy right? No........ Ill just cut the point. Haha get it cut to the.... yea that was a drilling pun. Ok So I needed to fabrocobble together a block that could hold the shift and throttle cable, but since I had no idea where each cable got grabbed I made a system that was adjustable. I had to drill a clearance hole through the whole block so that the cable and the housing could pass through, but have little number 8 screw to tighten on the housing.

I was pretty proud of this piece it turned out to work very well. The adjustability was a very nice feature. This way I could adjust everything nicely without running out of travel of adjustment on the controls.

Well I was pretty proud of myself so far, for no drawings or plans or much at all. Then I got what I deserved. I bought what I thought were the correct Tohatsu controls, brand new in the box (NOS). But the DAMN BUGGERS oh boy, I was upset. They must have changed the throw on the shifting part of the control. Let me try to explain. When you shift into gear, you have to completely shift into the gear before you can apply throttle. The way it does this is from zero to 35 degrees of angle it shifting mode on the shifter, after that its throttle. Well if you cannot get to the 35 degrees, it won’t throttle. UGH this was what took up another couple hours of my life. What I did to fix this problem was calculate how much more of a lever arm I needed so that it would shift properly. It worked out pretty well, not my finest work but it will work. The above picture is a picture of a tiny hole I fished that nut into to secure the new lever arm I made. I used a cool usb borescope that plugs into the micro usb port of my phone! it’s pretty neat. Moral of this story if you want a manual transmission car but you have an automatic sell the friggin thing and buy a manual. Rant over!