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Another bad decision after another........

Posted on December, 12th 2016

WOO NELLY! Yea..... I bought a 1965 POS (piece of shit) model 13' Boston Whaler. Well before I got this boat, I had two big boat engines and no matching boats. I have been lusting after a 13ft whaler for a long time. I once read you haven’t lived until you have restored a 13' Boston Whaler. Well as you can see from the picture this beast needs some love. I bought the thing for five-hundred American legal tenders. I even got the thing delivered; the guy told me it would kind of make it down the road as is. Well I was not expecting this awesome dump flatbed truck. It was INSANEEE in the membrane; this thing dumped then rolled back and went flat on the ground. I handed the guy the cash and had him sign a bill of sale, but after taking a look around the boat I couldn’t find any hull ID, so he just left it blank. Let me tell you she is a piece of work. It’s like someone went into the toilet store and said let me have your finest paint. Then proceed to just not wash the boat and just go at it. All of the paint was peeling off and was just not good paint period. I can now say I am never buying a boat with a bad paint job ever, ever again.

Bonus crappy blurry image. The interior is out and the old motor sold for four-hundred people Republic of Cambridge Schillings. Net boat hole cost one-hundred pesos.

The interior while not original, someone did a nice job recreating the original. The mahogany is in decent shape, but just cooked from the sun. You can see in the image above before and after sanding. I contemplated looking for new interiors, it’s like 5 boards? One sec let me just clean up the coffee all over my laptop. EIGHT-HUNDRED dollars........ The profit margins man... the profit margins. Anyways looking at my empty wallet I decided to just refinish the ones I got.

I do not have pictures because I was being lazy, but you can see that the sanded board still looks weirdly discolored. I read that oxalic acid cleans out wood stains like boats clean out my bank account. My dad hadn’t tried it either but for some reason we had a 10lb jar of it in the chemical closet. Damn it was amazing, the wood was all dark and discolored, I washed each board with the stuff, and bam looks like a million bucks, or eight-hundred at the least.

Oh boy..... Let me begin by saying that you shouldn’t get the cheapest tires you can find. If my time was worth anything, I should have bought better tires. I got these "nice" trailer tires on amazon, no problem. I get the old tires off and scrub the rims like crazy, I know how to put a tire on, I get the tire on the rim, i got the ratchet strap on the tire to seat the bead. Didn’t work...... Took me like four hours to get the thing seated. After much cursing and many beers it was all perdy and done. Then I get to the second tire. I do not think I hate many things in life, but this tire is on the list. I was actually so mad I left a bad review on amazon..... I never leave reviews on amazon. My father his friend Norman and myself probably spent six hours total over a bunch of nights trying to get the friggin tire on the damn rim. I tried the starter fluid trick, to my surprise it didn’t work at all as advertised.... Then I had the brilliant idea, I thought that the starter fluid wasn’t getting the right air mixture and there wasnt enough oxygen to explode and seat the bead. So WOW i am brilliant, the propane torch has a perfect mixture, why don’t I fill the tire with some propane and it should work beautiful. Yea you guessed it didn’t work and i earned an idiot award. I fill the tire with a little propane mixture then light the torch away from the tire and begin to wave the lit torch near the tire. BA BOOM! Big flash of light and guess what the goddamn tire just laughed at me. Then my hand felt a little weird, so I look at it..... no hair on my hand at all. It was so baby soft hehe. Anyway I had to take the tire to a shop and they couldn’t do it, then my dad found another shop and somehow they did it.

Did I mention the boat was crunched in two places? Yea, yea I know I am not a bright man..... Have no fear a waste of time is here. One side there is about a two foot section about six inches tall was crunched in about an inch. In theory, you just fill it with foam and glass over and bingo bango you are done. However, that hasn’t happened yet.

Another Crappy picture, man it’s just getting better and better! I finally have the Nissan back together and its now corrosion free and greased and fresh oil and spark plugs, impeller, and the works. It is now ready for the whaler; I just need to work on a set of controls for it so I can use the helm steering and side controls.